Brian’s struggling to keep a grip on things and a car goes missing from Brookfield.

Radio Times: A dynamic group could work.

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  • Ruth’s having problems with a particularly aggressive sow, which won’t help her convince Phil to change the pig’s living arrangements and David still thinks that they should think of getting out of pigs altogether. He’s a busy name in front of him, he’s got some contract work for the estate to be getting on with as well as taking Pip to the hospital for a followup appointment. She’s been having trouble sleeping – stronger painkillers are on the request list.
  • Debbie’s on time – she’s left Simon to run her errands for her. Brian makes some cutting remarks but Jennifer, in making sure that he didn’t overstep the line, almost gave the game away herself.
  • Brian has a meeting with Greg and eventually finds him following up a visit from a fox. Brian, who in taking over Grey Gables has taken over William’s training, is a little concerned about some of the ramifications of the college course William’s enroled on, particularly a visit by an inspector from the college, checking on various procedures and Greg’s plans for his tutee. Greg doesn’t mind the work load – he thinks William will be worth the effort – but Brian just concerned that he’s not being kept in touch.
  • Ruth’s concerned about what to do for David’s forthcoming fortieth birthday, but Pip is the more important concern at the moment. David’s getting ready to take her to the hospital, only they can’t find the car. Jill had it at the bungalow, but Phil thought it had been taken make up to the farmyard, only it’s not there …..