Brian’s still not coming around and neither is Tommy.

Radio Times: It is time to cultivate crops and relationships.

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  • Brian’s still get a bee in his bonnet about Simon, he’s sure that the “colonial conman” is just after Debbie’s millions, but Jennifer is getting fed up with it all.
  • Sunday lunch at Bridge Farm is no smoother, Helen’s on the phone to friends and Tommy’s generally gloomy and uncommunicative – although his parents are trying hard. Tommy thanks them for their concern but there are aspects that no-one can really help him with.
  • Meanwhile Simon and Debbie are lunching too and she suggests that he’s perhaps not getting into Brian’s good books in quite the way he imagines he is – although he is most certainly in Jennifer’s!
  • Debbie rings to say she’ll be late tomorrow morning because she has to visit the bank, Jennifer thinks it’s good of her to tell them, to Brian it’s just fuel on the fire and he’s sure that loverboy will accompany her to sneak a look at her bank balance. Jennifer wants no more of this talk, he’s in danger of driving Debbie away and, if he’s not careful, she’ll go with her!