Tommy and Kirsty part (for now) and Simon runs the Home Farm gauntlet.

Radio Times: Brian makes a meal of it.

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  • Simon and Debbie are preparing for dinner at Home Farm, she wonders what to wear for a farce and Simon suspects that a little french maid’s outfit might not be wholly appropriate!
  • In the end there were no surprises over the dinner table, Simon was trying his best to make a good impression with lots of enthusiastic support for GMOs (mostly garnered from Debbie’s article for the parish magazine), Jennifer was claiming a love of Canadian literature, Debbie was uncomfortable and Brian was determined not to enjoy it. Simon’s ploy was to show acquiesence to the alpha male – which Brian took as sycophancy, but Jennifer’s on-side, so there’s hope for Debbie’s choice.
  • Tommy and Kirsty face facts that while they would both rather not have to stop seeing each other it is for the best. Unfortunately Kirsty’s parents have disowned her in precisely the way that Tommy’s haven’t which makes it harder, but after professing their love they do part for the time bring. Later, Tommy confesses to his mother that it’s been one of the hardest things about the whole ordeal and, worse, he’s starting to doubt whether he’ll be found not guilty.