Pip’s recovering and Tommy faces up to reality.

Radio Times: Does a young man listen to his mother?

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  • Pat and Tommy have a little bit of a set-to and while she understands the support that Kirsty offers, he’s not really thought about the fact that it’s not just his bail conditions they’re breaking. Pat points out that if they’re caught, Kirsty would be in breach too and would Tommy want her being in prison to be partially his fault?
  • Pip’s not too badly burned and she’s being very brave and quite happy to be cossetted by a very relieved pair of parents(and grandmother and concerned Greg). She’s also managed to wangle herself out of school next week and, because she doesn’t want to move bedrooms just yet, it looks like the house-swap’s postponed again. Jill just wants to be in her own house in time for Christmas!
  • Kids, it seems, are a problem. Jill’s grand-daughter, Betty’s daughter (who, in spite of having the grades has chosen Radio Borsetshire over university and the Borchester Echo) and Pat’s son, rather a daughter who reads the news than a son who makes it, though. Tommy pops into the shop for a couple of nice boxes of chocolates and, to an apologetic mother he offers one – the other being for Kirsty, something to keep her sweet until his trial is over and he can see her again.