Tommy and Kirsty are busted as David takes his eye off Pip for one second too long.

Radio Times: Time to lay off the coffee.

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  • Tommy and Usha are meeting again and, again, it’s underlined that establishing the credibility of Tommy believing he was doing the only thing possible, ie. that the law was useless in this case, is the case. An expert from Felpersham University should appeal to the jurors worried about the lack of regulation, the soil association rep might appeal to public health worries and Tommy points out that Lin Adams might appeal to the men (as well as the hay fever sufferers)!
  • Another clandestine meeting for Tommy and Kirsty and, for almost the first time, he seems worried about the gamble he’s taking. He knows he’s right. She knows he’s right (and brave and principled – but she’s biased). The expert witnesses think he’s got some defendable points … but what if the jury disagrees? They were just discussing this point a little more closely when they were interrupted. By Pat. Who then proceeded to explode.
  • David’s trying to get around to discuss the house swap with Phil, but doesn’t quite manage it but later Ruth raises the subject and Phil twigs. Phil wants to get some consultants in to look at the longer term grassland plans, Ruth’s not sure but is willing to trade this for a more detailed look at her plans for the pigs. Phil’s distinctly opposed to them, so she trades down by suggesting that he asks Jill to stay put for another couple of weeks. This won’t work, he thinks that Ruth has more chance of changing his mind about the pig plan (and he seems pretty sure on that point, too).
  • Greg’s at Brookfield to talk to David about the shoot and some access points to their land. David offers him coffee while also dealing with a bored Pip. While rummaging through some papers, the bored Pip, despite having been told not to (she is six after all) pushes the plunger on the cafetiére and starts screaming as she covers her arm and leg in near-boiling coffee. David starts to flap, but the cool headed Greg helps put the wailing child under the cold tap and suggests that driving her to the hospital would be the best next step ….