Both George and Jack bid farewell to the Grey Gables shoot with radically different emotions.

Radio Times: It’s a silver cock and Bull story.

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  • Jack’s a little perturbed by the contract to control the shoot being for three years, but he’s persuaded to sign it.
  • Shula, adrift in Borchester waiting for a taxi, doesn’t think much of the “leave your car at home week” – nor does Jack, whose offer of making the Bentley available was taken up by Joe and some sacks of feed!
  • It’s George’s retirement do and his gift from Jack, a pair of silver pheasants, is appreciated and he thanks Jack for a wonderful working life.
  • Simon drops Debbie at Home Farm and meets a cool Brian, who manages to wrest control of the situation by suggesting that the dinner Jennifer is planning won’t solve any of the problems, although the invitation is accepted nevertheless.