Sid clashes with Sean again and Julia’s still being a little too helpful.

Radio Times: Eddie wants some firkins.

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  • Julia’s showing Sean around the prospective gallery and is delighted with some of the interior design ideas he’s coming up with. Nigel, though, is less convinced, not because they’re bad ideas but because the gallery is Lizzie’s baby (as if two wasn’t enough) and he’s not sure how much she wouldd appreciate Julia’s “help”.
  • Eddie’s after some firkins but Sid can’t help. Eddie mentions to Sid that a newcomer to the village, Steve Harris, who’d turned up to nets and, intially, seemed keen had turned out for Darrington yesterday and knocked a fifty. Sid’s not impressed …
  • Lower Loxley is full of visitors to a Bank Holiday fair and Nigel and Lizzie are sure that this type of event would be a success if done more frequently. Lizzie admits that while Julia means well, she would rather keep the gallery to herself.
  • Eddie asks Sean if he can help with the barrel problem, he probably can and is quite interested in the apple brandy that could be eventually filling it, too! Sid interrupts to have a go at Sean for “poaching” Steve Harris, Sean defends himself by pointing out that Steve had netted with both clubs first and chose Darrington – Sid’s not happy and Eddie, afterwards, suggests that Sid might be the reason!
  • Julia’s intent on being helpful and her latest idea is to offer to be the twins’ nanny! She’s started reading up and is currently studying breast-feeding. Lizzie starts to feel giddy at the thought and has a sudden nasty thought – what if Julia wants to be present at the birth?!