Simon tries to get in Jennifer’s good books, although Brian’s not buying.

Radio Times: Simon goes for the older woman.

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  • Simon’s determined that he shouldn’t be ostracised and wants to win Debbie’s family over. Phase one of the plan is to go to watch the cricket and talk to Jennifer and it works perfectly, he’s buttering her up and she’s falling for it. (He’s introduced to David who spots his game a mile away!)
  • Jill’s busy packing in preperation for her return home, only with all the work on at the moment, Ruth’s not even started …..
  • Jack’s donated the use of Higgs and the Bentley to the “leave-your-car-at-home” week, with all the petrol money going toward the new bells. Meanwhile Shula a little apprehensive of Daniel starting school this week (he’s starting with Jamie, although they’re slightly different ages mean it’s not at the same time, which is causing a few headaches!)
  • Jennifer confronts Brian, who’s still gloating over his takeover (albeit only for a theoretical three years at first), and tells him that she’s happy that Simon seems trustworthy enough. He’s not convinced, but Jennifer doesn’t want Debbie to feel driven away.