Julia’s grinding the rumour mill and Brian is toasting his success.

Radio Times: Will Jack bolt his shoot?

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  • Sir Sidney rings Jack to chew the cud and, in passing, mentions Lower Loxley’s plans for a residential block and that it might affect Grey Gables. Caroline is slightly surprised and disappointed by this news and hurries over, interrupting Nigel’s hangover recovery system. He and Lizzie placate her by insisting that it’s not true and quickly trace the source of the rumour – Julia, who’d sat next to Sir Sidney last night.
  • Jennifer tries to make Brian see that he’s in danger of driving Debbie away – not that he agrees.
  • Nigel is furious with Julia, but she’s defensive – after all, Lewis thinks the idea is a good one. Lizzie calms Nigel down pointing out that it’s just infatuation talking.
  • Jack tries to talk Brian into continuing the current arrangements with the shoot to no avail. Brian’s driving a hard bargain and Jack cannot refuse and agrees to merge the two shoots.