Brian ‘s plans for a memorial take shape. Jazzer tries to save Ed from further heartbreak.

Radio Times: Jazzer’s worst fears come to the fore.

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  • Brian still can’t reconcile himself to the idea that Adam’s in charge of the farm, and clearly doesn’t want Brian’s help. Jennifer tries to make him see sense, but in vain.
  • Jazzer is full of his exploits with Cherry when Ed rings him, and wants Ed to come to the Bull at lunchtime, but Ed refuses. When Jazzer hears that Ed and Fallon have split up, he realises why, and warns Ed to stay away from Emma, who is big trouble.
  • Joe overhears the phone call, and when Ed tells him about Fallon, he’s genuinely upset. He likes Fallon, and he hates to see Ed unhappy. Ed admits that he’s very fond of Fallon, too.
  • Jazzer signs for a delivery at Home Farm. It’s the Siobhán memorial bench. Understandably, Jennifer is less than pleased, especially when Brian asks her where it should be sited. He claims that Ruairidh needs it to help him remember his mother. Jennifer is not so sure, but luckily Peggy arrives before Jennifer can really speak her mind. They are off to Felpersham to discuss the archaeological find with someone from the university.
  • Jennifer takes issue with Joe over his rates for lifts under the TEA scheme. He retorts that his mode of transport is greener than Lynda’s.
  • Peggy tells Jennifer they won’t celebrate Jack’s birthday with a party, as he couldn’t cope with it. She is appalled when Jennifer tells her about the bench, adding ruefully that it is at least of some practical use, unlike Brian’s other ideas for a memorial.

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