Fallon nurses a broken heart. Kenton nurses hurt pride.

Radio Times: David prepares for an eyeful at the Borsetshire Show.

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  • Jolene brings Fallon an early morning cup of tea and sympathy, but it does little to raise Fallon’s spirits.
  • At the Borchester Show, David’s in a foul mood over Pip’s appearance on the float. Tom’s not exactly a lot more cheerful; Jazzer has gone off with his lady-friend and left Tom and Brenda to cope with a flood of customers.
  • When Kenton picks Jamie up at the Bull, he asks about Fallon’s trip to the coast. She tells him he might as well know that she and Ed have split up. In an attempt at solidarity, Kenton tells her he’s just heard that Mel is getting married again. Somehow it doesn’t have quite the desired effect, and Fallon has a go at Kenton for being selfish.
  • Kenton’s mood is not improved when Jill cheerfully tells him she’s met Mel’s fiancé, and likes him a lot, as does Meriel. His mood is nothing compared with David’s as the floats come round – only to reveal Pip in her dungarees. Ruth can’t stop laughing; no-one had ever told him Pip was going to be a can-can dancer, it was all in David’s imagination.
  • Jolene realises that Fallon is deeply upset, but is shocked when she hears the truth. She tries to make Fallon see things in a positive light; her career is taking off, she’s got a future … but poor Fallon says she really loves Ed, and she can’t bear it.

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