Ed admits he can’t stop thinking about Emma and he and Fallon split up.

Radio Times: Ed and Fallon hit the rocks at Woolacombe.

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  • Eddie is getting excited about his trip to Torremolinos even though it means missing the Borsetshire show. David doesn’t appreciate Eddie suggesting that the Moulin Rouge display might be a bit risqué.
  • Ed continues to be reluctant to be alone with Fallon in bed, even to the extent of going out for breakfast before she wakes up and trying to avoid going for a walk with her on their own. It comes to a head during the day and Fallon demands to know what is going on. Ed won’t even look at her. And then in the middle of row he calls her Em. He tries to blame it all on her being away with the band but in the end he admits that while nothing has happened with Emma, he can’t forget her. Fallon and Ed love each other, but they still need to split up.
  • Ruth and David may have found a way round the objections to growing fuel for the digester – apparently types of grass can be used without any pesticides and also locking carbon into the soil. Then they find another consultant who has even enabled some farms to keep their herds out all year. Always worth learning new things.

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