Usha’s parents will be at both wedding ceremonies but no Shula. The trip to Woolacombe doesn’t start well.

Radio Times: The romance falls flat for Fallon.

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  • Brian simply won’t let Adam get on with the harvest without interfering and it is really irritating Jennifer.
  • Fallon is still looking forward to her trip away with Ed and hopes things will be back to the way they were before she went away.
  • Usha has finally heard that her parents will be coming to both ceremonies and she is so relieved. But funnily enough, Shula won’t be there. Plans are going well then. Alan has his clothes sorted out at least.
  • Plans for the fête go well too. They’ve decided on a tug of war led by King Charles and Oliver Cromwell.
  • The B&B in Woolacombe isn’t all they’d hoped for but Fallon is ready to make the best of it. Ed doesn’t seem to want to be alone with her though.

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