Neil and Susan begin to wonder if there is more to Will and Emma’s relationship than just good parenting.

Radio Times: Neil plays Cupid at Ambridge View.

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  • The website for the Ambridge swap shop is beginning to look quite good but they are going to need to work on some sort of system for agreeing the value of swaps. TEA – Transition Equivalents in Ambridge.
  • Adam needs some help from Jennifer with the combine which she is happy to offer. Pat tries to congratulate Adam on standing up to Matt but is clearly disappointed when she hears the digester is still going ahead.
  • Brian continues to question Adam’s judgement over the harvest and Adam is less than impressed. And it’s clear Brian is a bit put out that he isn’t involved. Jennifer tries to convince him to take a step back but Brian has a way to go yet.
  • Neil tries to encourage George to be interested in the chickens but is more interested when he hears both Emma and George are having tea with Will. With having to worry about Chris’s final farrier exams too there is a lot going on. Neil and Sue begin to wonder if there may be more in this closer relationship between Will and Emma but Emma tells him they are just friends.
  • Susan and Pat are annoyed to hear that the digester is going ahead again. But there are still things they could do to help the environment – maybe a swap stall at the village fête.

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