Emma and Will agree to work together over George but Ed is less keen when he sees how close they are.

Radio Times: Joe takes a walk on the wild side.

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  • Joe and Mildred have a good day out at Lower Loxley were she is particularly impressed by Bert as guide. Joe, however, is less impressed with Mildred’s driving which is less than expert on small Borsetshire roads.
  • Emma and William have a lavish picnic with George. Will even remembers that brie and cranberry are Emma’s favourite. They agree that they need to work together to improve George’s behaviour. And Emma realises Will seems to be lonely without Nick. Will so looks forward to his time with George – and with Emma.
  • Ed tries to explain he couldn’t make it to the pub because he and Jazzer were already drunk. But then it becomes clear that he is distracted by seeing Will and Emma together. But then Ed suddenly suggests they should get away at the weekend. Maybe back to Woolacombe Bay. Fallon is thrilled.

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