Brian’s plans have a hitch: Siobhán will be away at the same time as Jennifer.

Radio Times: Worrying news from overseas.

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  • Ruth has found a varicose vein but David thinks she is making a fuss. Brian is rather surprised to find Ruth showing David her legs in the collecting yard. The midwife thinks Ruth’s baby seems a bit small so they’ve booked her in for another scan but its nothing serious.
  • Pat and Tony are having a good time in Venice – a gentle stroll to St Mark’s and an excellent dinner. They’ve got a lot to be grateful for.
  • Jennifer is right, there is a problem with Adam. He’s given up his job. He wants to spend some time travelling while he decides what to do. But Brian thinks he’s sensible chap and will make his own decisions.
  • Brian and Siobhán find some time together while Brian’s “at the NFU lunch”. But Siobhán isn’t going to be able to find the time with Brian next week they’d hoped – she’s off to Hannover. But they should be able to manage one day together when she gets back.

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