Bridge Farm is left in the care of the younger generation.

Radio Times: The birthday girl departs.

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  • Emma has finally got rid of her crutches. She’s still keen on doing a catering management course and Kathy can probably help her. Nigel is in the Carter’s bad books now that Eleanor has taken Ginger.
  • Tony won’t give up on telling Tom what to do while they’re away. There’s a lot to do but Ed doesn’t sound too keen. Helen hasn’t heard from Greg. She seems a bit upset.
  • Emma is trying to aim for NVQ 5. That would mean she could even take over something like Lower Loxley. But maybe that’s all thinking a bit too far ahead. Emma is seeing a William a bit. He’s been so nice to her since the accident. Kathy is going to go out with Hayley and her friends even if they are half her age.
  • Pat and Tony finally get away but not without their wellies and more advice to Tom and Helen about what to do.

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