The missing hawk finds a tasty meal among Betty’s hens.

Radio Times: A snatch at Willow Farm.

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  • Betty is still worried about the vandalism to the Christmas lights. Who would do such a thing. The hens seem to be a bit off their laying at the moment. Jack needs to meet up with Christine to talk about what they should do to upgrade the village hall. New loos seem to be top of the list. Maybe the Lottery will give them some Jubilee money.
  • Turns out the problem with Hassett Hills lamb is that it’s too expensive. Jean-Paul would like to use it but he can’t at that price. David says they will have another look.
  • Ruth is still refusing to take it easy. She’s up a ladder painting the repair shed now. David will have to get her Mum back if she doesn’t stop.
  • Betty has found out why her hen’s aren’t laying. The hawk is getting in with them. And what’s more, while she watching, its taken Ginger!

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