Brian has a cunning plan – to send Jennifer away to a health farm.

Radio Times: Jennifer’s cup overflows.

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  • Jennifer is pleased with her second bracelet in a couple of months. It will get him a few points. They are looking forward to her birthday dinner but Simon can’t make it – he’s got a departmental do. Brian’s found another present too. A trip to a health farm next week! She deserves it for working so hard.
  • Ed’s got a bit of work with Pat and Tony. He’s a good worker when he puts his mind to it. They’ll probably need some more help while they are in Venice. Ed is still giving Fallon a hard time. The way he’s going she thinks he’ll end up on the streets and they don’t want that to happen.
  • Kathy and Pat have a night out before Pat’s birthday. Still no sign of the missing hawk from Lower Loxley. It’s hard to believe Tony is taking Pat to Venice but she is really looking forward to it. Kathy is looking out for a new man but the ones in the pub seem to be taken.
  • Debbie can’t keep awake after the birthday dinner. David is very keen on relaunching Hassett Hills lamb. They’ve found out that after everything Caroline said about using local produce, Grey Gables is using New Zealand. They are going to meet up to find out why. Adam has called from Kenya but something seems a bit wrong.

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