Greg prepares to set off for France leaving behind an anxious Helen

Radio Times: Fallon attempts a reconciliation.

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  • Greg should be packing for his trip to France but hasn’t done very much. Brian is still pestering him about the shoot even though its Greg’s first trip abroad in years.
  • Dross doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Fallon thinks it should all be perfect. She’s trying to sort Ed out too but Jazzer isn’t very interested.
  • Siobhán is very impressed with the earrings Brian has bought – opal to match her eyes! New Year’s Eve was fun – very dangerous but that’s what life should be like. Not much danger in Borchester Park on a wet Sunday afternoon though. But there are plans afoot for next week.
  • Helen is cooking a final lunch for Greg so she can look at the presents he’s bought for the children. He’s still very nervous about how it will go especially with his ex. He’ll have to play it by ear. Helen thinks he’ll forget her – she is going to miss him.
  • Ed isn’t impressed with Fallon and Jazzer’s attempts to cheer him up. It’s all Jazzer’s fault Ed’s in this mess anyway. He started the car stealing. But while they may not be much, Jazzer and Fallon are all Ed has left.

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