Brian’s stunned by Tom’s buy-out plan. Bridge Farm consider lagoons.

Radio Times: The tables are turned at Home Farm.

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  • Brian missed Tom’s call but tells Adam Tom’s coming over later, no doubt he wants to back down over the supermarket deal. Adam warns Brian that he may not have, and not to gloat if he has.
  • Pat and Tony have had Jeremy round to consult on a reed bed; they’re coming round to the idea. Helen’s disappointed; she thinks there may be better alternatives, despite originally suggesting it. Bryony Simms, the blessed cheesemaker, has a lagoon system that sounds better. Tony’s disgruntled having only just come round to having a reed bed but Pat thinks Bryony’s lagoons are worth seeing.
  • Tom arrives and Brian suggests a more formal fresh start by going to the office. Brian says it takes sense and courage to admit you’re wrong, but he’s willing to forget about their disagreements; precious time’s been lost and there’s the supermarket order to meet. No, I’m here to buy you out, says Tom.
  • Brian wants to know where Tom can get the money but Tom’s not saying. What if I’m not minded to sell, asks Brian. It’s the only sensible option, says Tom, else you’ll have to do all the supermarket related work by yourself. Think it over calmly for a day or two and let me know. It may not be the answer you’re hoping for, warns Brian.

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