Brian’s very unhappy with Debbie’s attitude and Tommy and Kirsty accidentally meet in public.

Radio Times: Joe goes for a hands-on approach.

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  • Brian’s not in the best of moods, first Joe’s asking for money up front for some possible contract work for Eddie and then Debbie arrives late for work because she’s been at Simon’s. Or rather he considered her late, she thought that it wasn’t a problem because the crops are wet and she can’t do anything before they’re dry. He’s obviously unhappy with her beau and she’s adamant that her work is not suffering.
  • Tommy meets with Usha to discuss the expert witness statements with particular reference to the one from the Soil Association who, in black and white, asserts that proximity to the test crop could very easily jeopardise a farm’s organic status – a great defence for Tom.
  • Joe arrives at Ambridge Hall and manages to convince a horrified Lynda that he should receive the massage that William so obviously didn’t want. He even washed this morning! His enjoyment was evident, although she was less convinced!
  • As loud music fills the Cat Kirsty and Tommy bump into each other (seemingly accidentally), they wander outside to talk and are disturbed by Joe who’s still glowing after his massage, filled with a surprising amount of the milk of human kindness (not to mention covered with the smell of lavender oil) he doesn’t even mind his pint getting knocked! He is sworn to secrecy, but someone else has spotted them through the window ….