A-level success for Brenda and Brian makes Jack an offer that he’d love to refuse if he could.

Radio Times: What’s love got to do with it.

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  • A-level results day …. and Roy’s breaking open the sparking white wine in honour of his sister’s ABB. Mike’s tickled pink and, it seems, tells people so all day, it’s genetic, obviously!
  • Jack’s having trouble finding a keeper and Brian lays down an ultimatum – Greg will do no more work for the Grey Gables after the end of the month. Jack’s distrught but Brian is adamant. He does offer Jack a solution, reverting to his original suggestion to amalgamate their two shoots.
  • Brenda’s sure that she doesn’t want to head off to university, she wants to be a journalist and work experience seems to make more sense to her. She’s unsure about whether to accept Radio Borsetshire’s offer though.
  • It appears that Roy was the face at the window who saw Tommy and Kirsty last night and he asks Hayley’s advice as to what he should do. He’s concerned that he’s missing John’s influence, but Hayley suggests that Tommy knows the risks but feels they’re worth it. Roy’s worried and Hayley points out that there’s only one person he should be talking to about that.
  • The village turns out for a bell-ringing picnic at the church and while the Tuckers celebrate, David’s searching out his family, finding Brian minding their hamper. While he can understand Jack’s face like thunder, Brian’s not too chirpy either – he’s most unhappy with Debbie’s relationship with Simon. David quickly gets bored, but Brian is obviously not coping very well with the thoughts of her and him together.