Jack makes an unpleasant decision and Roy gets a flea in his ear from Tommy.

Radio Times: Good advice is not always welcome.

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  • An out-of-character Jennifer helps Jill out clearing manure from the chicken coups neither enjoying home life particularly at the moment, what with Brian and Debbie not seeing eye-to-eye and no firm date set for the house-swap.
  • In the shop Jennifer goes another round – this time from a smug Betty contrasting their respective kids’ academic records!
  • Jack is growing increasingly desperate (and tetchy) as he fails to find a new keeper for the Grey Gables shoot. He can’t let it close, but he doesn’t think he has any option but to let Brian take it over.
  • Tommy tells Roy that Usha’s found him a tremendous barrister and they’re meeting next week. Roy suggests that if the case is going so well, why is he trying to spoil everything by meeting Kirsty? He insists that their meeting in the Cat was a coincidence and he also suggests that Roy should be more of a mate, less like his Gran and to mind his own business in future.