The bungalow gets smaller by the day, but there’s still plenty of room in Simon’s flat.

Radio Times: Everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.

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  • Jack and Jill are chatting before Evensong, they’re pleasantly surprised by the new hymn books but Jack’s pre-occupied by the shoot problems and is pleased to hear that Jennifer told Jill that she was worried that Brian’s being too hard, but Jack just sees him as being a businessman.
  • Janet pays a visit to the bungalow, seemingly to check that people were happy with the new hymn books – happy, yes, but also happy to use them in parallel with the old ones. Meanwhile Shula arrives back from holiday and Phil and Jack appear and the bungalow is suddenly crowded. Jack disappears (which concerned Phil who felt that Jack needed to talk), Janet arranges dinner with Shula and leaves too. Shula’s holiday was fun, but she’s glad to be home and no longer under canvas.
  • Shula and Alistair saw Tommy and a mystery girl at the supermarket café – he suspiciously upped and left when they waved hello.
  • Debbie and Simon are getting on very well – he surprises her with dinner outside in the garden to his apartment block – and he suggests that, seeing as how he’s PNG at Home Farm and she’s spending a lot of time at his flat that, well, why doesn’t she move him? She’s tempted but feels it’s too soon.
  • While picking Daniel up to say goodnight, Phil knocks a silver wedding anniversary present from Pru flying – and Jill is quite content to blame the size of the bungalow rather than boisterousness. She obviously cannot wait to return home.