Brian’s not doing a good job of bringing Debbie back on-side.

Radio Times: Brian has a field day.

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  • Brian’s harrying Debbie for badly structuring her time, although Debbie sees right through him and attacks him for not trusting her judgement. He suggests that breaks and days off might be chosen a little more appropriately …. and then proceeds to swan off with Jennifer to an open air concert and arranges to go shooting on Monday! The irony is not lost on Debbie who tells her mother that maybe she should have accepted Simon’s invitation to move in!
  • Ruth’s got some ideas for the pigs, although David’s not sure that they shouldn’t get rid of them entirely. Ruth (getting support from Jill) suggests that Phil should be involved in that discussion as he’s had a soft spot for pigs for longer than she’s known him.
  • Debbie’s still up when her parents return and Brian tries again – suggesting that she’s wasting her time on a relationship that’s going nowhere, she sarcastically agrees that of course he’s right.