Things are looking rosey for Tommy but Janet’s having doubts.

Radio Times: Janet admires Bert’s onions.

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  • Tommy and Usha are meeting with his barrister, Patrick Taylor, and an expert witness from the Pesticide Trust, Roger Fenton. They discuss issues surrounding herbicide tolerances, specifically the suggestion that gene-modified crops might need less spraying and the circumstantial evidence that lower needs might not be seen in practice (so-called insurance sprays, “just-in-case”).
  • Janet pops round to talk to Bert about the hymn books, but he’s busy gardening and generally suffering from blocked ears (he’s having the syringed soon) and can’t really hear and ends up being a little grumpy, suggesting that the money might have been better spent on the bells (different budget, though).
  • Usha and Patrick Taylor are dicussing some of the legal ramifications of Roger Fenton’s evidence and think that, if it proves anything, it suggests that the scientists are undecided – and, of course, the fact that the prosecution will be wheeling out their own pro-GMO experts will only serve to underline this. Tommy, though, is a little out of his depth with their quoting of legal instruments and various aspects of European legislation and asks that they start to talk in English!
  • Jill’s feeling a little out of sorts both from being in the bungalow and being in the middle of David vs Phil and Ruth over getting rid of Brookfield’s pigs.
  • Janet’s round at Shula’s for supper and recieves a curious gift of vegetables from an apologetic Bert. This serves as an example of her thinking that she might not be cut out for the pastoral life – Shula’s sorry to hear that she’s not feeling happy in her vocation, both because she’s a good vicar and a good friend.