Grange Farm makes its first moonshine and Brookfield keeps its pigs – for now.

Radio Times: You can never do too much research.

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  • Eddie’s been to market and besides some feed for the cattle he’s bought a still … top quality Grange Farm apple brandy is the key to their financial future| He’s fairly keen that Clarrie doesn’t need to know about it, either. He has made the first repayment to the loan shark, so that’s something.
  • The cricket team, fed up with Sid’s ridiculously detailed research, have been setting him off on wild goose chases, getting him to find out everything from the soil types on the opposition’s ground, zodiac signs so they can draw astrological charts, what teas the other clubs make so they can be fed food they don’t like, what make and weight of rollers they use …. eventually Sid twigs, although he’s still putting them through lots of bending and stretching exercises, which while a good thing, isn’t so popular.
  • William’s out for the evening ahead of receiving his results in the morning.
  • Brookfield discuss the pigs and they all agree that the margins are tight. Ruth suggests that they shift into being able to market the pigs as “welfare friendly”, David reluctantly agrees to a costing given that it’s obvious that Phil won’t really countenance the thought of giving up the pigs completely. Jill also makes sure that the swap is discussed and David, almost exasperatedly, agrees to do it some time next week ….