Bridge Farm prepares to issue a statement but not to sack Clarrie.

Radio Times: There are conflicting views at Bridge Farm and David offers his support.

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  • Bridge Farm is under siege: there are very persistent journalists seeking a statement from them about the E. coli. Tony is determined not to be bullied but when David arrives to offer moral support, he suggests that they seek advice from the NFU Press Officer. Pat and Tony are careful not to mention Clarrie even to David.
  • Under the guise of training, Tig is getting a lot of fuss from Pip. She suggests inviting Lily and Freddy for tea tomorrow. Elizabeth is ok about it; she is under pressure and on edge without Roy. Pip is thinking about a holiday destination but is clearly finding the long wait for ‘A’ level results rather nerve-racking.
  • Speaking to David, Tom clearly takes a hard line about ‘the idiot’ who caused the problem, which is even affecting the sausages. When later discussing the issue with his parents, Tom favours sacking Clarrie. Tony is not sure that it is a sackable offence, even if that were what they wanted to do. They don’t. Clarrie made a mistake. She is more than an employee; she is a friend. It could be seen as a management failure on Pat’s part. Besides, there are still people in hospital, so it is important not to admit liability or publicly to blame anybody. Tom reluctantly accepts. When, one wonders, will Clarrie get to hear of this conversation?

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