There is no light at the end of Clarrie’s tunnel but the dairy will be steam cleaned this week.

Radio Times: Clarrie’s anxieties increase, while Pat and Tony try to keep things going.

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  • Clarrie has to take another sample to the Environmental Health and, rather than go to the village shop, she will call at the supermarket. She is going over and over where she has been and what she did before she got sick. She is convinced that Pat will not want her back.
  • Pat and Tony are taking new stock to Ambridge Organics, though Pat is sceptical about any of it selling. If only the steam cleaning could be done sooner – whatever the cost. Susan is curious to learn from Pat what Clarrie’s future holds but until she has a clean bill of health, Pat will not even discuss it.
  • On her trip to Borchester, Clarrie discovers that Susan is working at Ambridge Organics. It’s only a matter of time before people work out who was responsible for the dairy problem. Is Pat still paying Clarrie’s wages? She expects her cards to be in the post.
  • Neil is very taken with the photo Vicky took yesterday – a real family photo. He and Eddie congratulate each other on their scarecrow contributions. When Susan returns she is doubtful that working in Borchester was worthwhile: there were so few customers. Eddie wonders whether Clarrie still has a job but though Susan does her best to be supportive, there is no substance to her reassurance.
  • Pat has called at Underwoods to find that their shelves are fully stocked with products from another dairy. At least Tony has had some success: the dairy will be steam cleaned on Friday by a firm from Manchester; it will cost a pretty penny but it lifts Pat’s mood.

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