Bruno gets rid of Ed and Kenton’s romantic gesture falls flat.

Radio Times: Oliver faces a crisis of conscience.

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  • The atmosphere between Ed and Bruno gets worse by the minute, and finally Ed snaps; Oliver loses patience with him, Bruno keeps sniping at him and Ed can’t stand any more, so he walks out .
  • The truth about Kathy’s red roses is out – they were from Kenton, but Kathy is not impressed by such a grand gesture and she has a major go at him. A bruised Kenton cries on his sister’s shoulder, but she’s unsympathetic.
  • As news of Ambridge’s latest romance leaks out, a cynical Elizabeth can only speculate on their future living arrangements.
  • Bruno scores a personal triumph when Oliver finds out that Ed has walked out; he tells Oliver airily that the Grundys are well known for being unreliable.

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