Ed loses face with Bruno and Neil faces financial ruin.

Radio Times: Ed gets in touch with his feminine side.

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  • The Grundy goat is still giving trouble, though Ed cheers up a lot when he sees his dad trying to catch it. Eddie puts all the blame on Joe – he’ll agree to anything for a few drinks.
  • Ed hasn’t gone to work; he’s waiting for Bruno’s half term to finish. Bruno uses this to his advantage, telling Oliver that all the Grundys are unreliable.
  • A glum Neil meets David in the bank, and over a drink, Neil tells David that he’s got big financial problems. The bank won’t extend his loan and his creditors are pressing for payment. He hasn’t time to take on any more work, and he doesn’t know what to do. David can only suggest that Neil comes to the Grundy cider party to drown his sorrows.
  • Eddie makes Joe phone the goat’s owner; apparently it just hates men. A woman would be able to catch it easily. But Beth’s in Oxford and both Emma and Clarrie are at work. There’s only one thing to do.
  • The Grundy men hunt through Clarrie’s wardrobe for something to wear. But neither Eddie nor Joe can fit into Clarrie’s clothes. In the end, a furious Ed has to wear drag. As if that wasn’t enough, Neil picks Bruno up on his way to the cider party and Ed-in-a-Dress comes face to face with his rival.

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