Ruth falls out with Phil; Kenton is still missing Kathy and Lynda has an idea for the website.

Radio Times: Phil and Ruth have a clash of opinions.

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  • It’s Pip’s birthday, and the Archer clan is gathered at Brookfield. Kenton is in charge of games, and enjoying every moment, though he’s still smarting from Kathy’s refusal to see him, or to let Kenton see Jamie.
  • Jill thinks she should give her ticket for the Light Opera concert to Ruth, so that she and Heather can have time together. Phil puts the suggestion to Heather, but is overheard by Ruth to say that he thinks Pip would have settled better had she gone to the Cathedral school. Ruth is furious, and launches into an attack – how dare Phil discuss her daughter behind Ruth’s back.
  • Heather tries to calm the situation; Phil was only showing concern for Pip – but Ruth isn’t having any; she thinks he’s a snob. But she does want to make things up, and when Heather tells her about the concert idea, Ruth is ashamed of her outburst. Meanwhile Shula does her bit to pour oil on troubled waters with Phil.
  • Ruth says how much she will miss her mum, but Heather has agreed to come back for Easter – and Lynda is going to put a webcam on the Green, so Heather will be able to see her grandchildren feeding the ducks.

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