Jolene makes a discovery about Sid and Clarrie makes a discovery about her dress.

Radio Times: Jolene fights fire with fire.

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  • Ed is morose because of Bruno’s constant sniping, especially since he caught Ed in drag. Eddie’s morose because someone has broken the door off his shed and smashed the garden ornaments. A reluctant Ed agrees to help him clear up in the morning, but tonight he and Beth are going to the Indie night at the Bull.
  • The moods of the Grundy menfolk are as nothing in comparison with Clarrie when she discovers her best dress ripped and muddy. Eddie blames it on Ed, but Clarrie’s not having that; she’ll make Eddie buy her a drink at the Bull, and then he’ll have to go shopping with her to buy a new dress.
  • Jolene is still in a pink haze after Valentine’s Day and her present from Sid, but Fallon doesn’t share her mother’s view of the naff golden heart, as she tells Ed. When she mentions Jolene’s pink roses, Ed tells her that Beth saw Sid outside April Cottage with a bouquet of red ones.
  • A distressed Fallon tells her mother what Beth saw. Jolene’s upset, but determined to handle it in her own way, and she spends the evening flirting with Curly, whose son is in the Indie band.
  • At closing time, Jolene tells Sid he’ll have to manage without her on Sunday. Curly is thinking of starting a new band, and has asked Jolene to join. She’s going to a rehearsal on Sunday, but since Sid took time off to help Jamie with his project on Valentine’s Day, it’s time she took some time out too. Sid is lost for words.

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