Jolene is going to be lead singer in a new band. Kathy lets Kenton take Jamie to a football match.

Radio Times: Jolene gets her own back.

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  • Adam is getting ready to sort out the poly tunnels again. Seems to need most of Ambridge. Not that Brian is doing a lot and he thinks Debbie is also dumping work on him. Brian doesn’t seem to agree.
  • Jolene got on well at her rehearsal. Looks like she’s on board with the new band. Sid doesn’t sound to impressed especially when he hears Curly wants her as lead singer! It will mean two rehearsals a week so they’ll have to work out the rota.
  • Kenton is still trying to be nice to Kathy but she’s not being cooperative – she doesn’t even want him to take Jamie to a football match but Jamie is keen so she reluctantly agrees. It’s helped Sid out of a tight spot with the rota but Fallon thinks Jolene is letting Sid get away with too much.
  • There is still talk of the closed circuit TV on the Green. Some people will see it as a way of spying on people but Lynda thinks it will help people know where Ambridge is. No one has found out which vandals it was that smashed up Eddie’s gnomes yet.
  • Matt is setting up another poker game and Kenton is playing along. Lillian isn’t impressed when Matt doesn’t want her involved – men only. Matt has a feeling it could be a very good night indeed.

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