Burn-up in Borchester.

Radio Times: On yer bike, Nigel!

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  • Pat is worried about Helen. Greg is very snappy with her, finding fault over trivial matters and Helen isn’t fighting back, which is out of character. Tony tells Pat not to interfere. He’s off to take Esme for a spin, to try out the new brakes. Tom thinks he must be a candidate for the world’s most embarrassing dad.
  • Tony meets Nigel at the traffic lights and takes up Nigel’s challenge of a race into Borchester. The loser pays for the all-day breakfast at Jaxx.
  • Brenda is giving Emma a lift into Borchester. She warns Emma that Kenton will take advantage of her good nature and leave her to do all the work. Brenda finds it odd that both Emma’s parents should now be working for Tom, even if they are at opposite ends of the business. Emma thinks Susan is putting a brave face on things. She doesn’t know about Emma and Will almost splitting up, but Emma’s convinced that she has made the right decision. It’s as if she was sleep-walking when she felt so strongly about Ed. Brenda remains cynical.
  • Tony and Nigel meet in Borchester, but Nigel wins the challenge because he can take a short cut down a cycle path. So Tony has to pay for the fry-up, and Nigel gets to burn off the calories on his ride home.
  • Brenda is impressed with the new menu at Jaxx, and proved right about Kenton imposing on Emma. While Emma fixes the cappuccinos, Nigel and Tony, joined by Pat, get a tour of Kenton’s flat. They are less than impressed with the nicotine coloured walls and the polystyrene tiles, which Kenton claims will easily come off. They do – and so does most of the plaster. Never mind, it’s only for Monday to Friday; Weekends will be spent at Kathy’s. Meanwhile Nigel would like his cufflinks back from Kenton. He’ll need them for the christening in Ireland.

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