Siobhán makes contact

Radio Times: Brian has got mail.

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  • Elizabeth meets Ruth at Brookfield. She has brought Jill some bedding plants. They can’t believe that Kenton has actually been putting in time on Kathy’s lawn; it’s not like him, and anyway, he’s putting in long hours at the café now. Ruth says he’s not the only one burning the candle at both ends; she and David hardly see each other nowadays. Elizabeth says she must bring Pip over to Lower Loxley to see the swallow chicks.
  • David arrives, and the atmosphere between him and Elizabeth is just about civil, but certainly not friendly. Ruth tells him he’s got to make an effort. Adam’s strawberry production plans seem to be going well, and there has been another enquiry from a butcher for Hassett Hills meat. Things aren’t going so well for Debbie, however. According to Adam, her decree absolute will be granted on her wedding anniversary, and she’s very low.
  • Eddie is in pursuit of Ed. Oliver Stirling had to ring Clarrie to see why Ed hadn’t shown up for work. It’s not good enough – and what’s all this about Ed and Jazzer going on holiday on the Baby Spice money? Rather lamely, Ed says Jazzer is paying for his holiday from his CD sales. Eddie is not convinced and tells Ed he’s stupid; he’ll never get his money back.
  • David calls on Brian, who is worried that Debbie won’t confide in anyone about her troubles. He has had an email from Siobhán to say that Ruaridh is being christened on Sunday.
  • Brian phones Elizabeth to tell her about Siobhán’s email. Elizabeth tells Ruth that she knew about the Christening, and that she and Nigel have made plans to go. Siobhán doesn’t expect Brian to go, but he’s very hurt, especially now he knows that Nigel and Elizabeth will be there. Ruth feels sorry for Brian.

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