Competition hots up

Radio Times: Joe goes undercover.

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  • Bert and David are sheep-dipping, but Bert’s mind is clearly on other things. He can’t believe Lynda’s cheek in trying to win the Open Gardens competition by using professionals.
  • Clarrie catches Ed rifling through the drawers. Reluctantly he tells her he’s looking for his passport. He and Jazzer have booked a holiday in the sun – though Clarrie doesn’t know that Ed will be paying for Jazzer out of the proceeds of the sale of Baby Spice.
  • Jazzer helps Joe with his ladder – not a DIY job, but espionage in Lynda’s garden. They are not the only ones with an interest in it, as Bert makes clear. Lynda is determined to have David’s opinion on her Shakespeare garden, but he isn’t up to the task.
  • David marshals his troops for graffiti cleaning. Once again David has to act as peace-keeper between Bert and Lynda. Joe plays his trump card; the judge for the Open Gardens won’t be Ted Hargreaves after all, but someone much more important. The only trouble is, he doesn’t actually know who!

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