Brian is embarrassed.

Radio Times: Ed is causing concern.

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  • Susan starts her new job; it’s just a dummy run today, but she’s finding it hard to concentrate.
  • Helen’s keen to renew her loving relationship with Greg over lunch. Brian is less pleased with him – he’s still annoyed that Greg stayed on in France without consulting Brian.
  • Tom shows his skills as a sausage-filler until he and Susan discover they won’t fit into the trays.They just manage to save the sausages from disaster.
  • Greg has clearly had a difficult time in France. Sonya is being a more than difficult teenager; she was picked up, drunk, by the police. Helen tries to reassure him; all teenagers, even Helen herself, go through rebellious patches. Greg thinks it’s much more serious than that but he won’t say what the real problem is.
  • In the shop Clarrie tells Brian how pleased Eddie was with the wood preservative. She and Susan proceed to embarrass him by a reference to Siobhán. Susan knows of a cleaning job at the new houses in Grange Spinney but Clarrie’s mind is elsewhere; she’s very worried about Ed.

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