Ed’s not himself.

Radio Times: Greg’s silence is not golden.

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  • Emma wakes Will with an offer of help in feeding the pheasant chicks and then breakfast in bed. Will’s a happy man, knowing that he and Emma are serious about each other.
  • Kenton calls at Glebe Cottage unusually early for him. He tells Jill he’s missing Meriel but is determined to save for a trip to Oz in order to see her.
  • Ed is feeding his ferrets and nursing a major hang-over; this is not helped by Greg’s dog, which Helen is taking for a walk. She tells Ed he’s not looking well. Then Kenton tells him the same thing. Ed storms off in search of coffee.
  • Kenton tells Jill that Lynda’s expensive designer garden breaks all the rules and he isn’t happy at such blatant cheating.
  • Greg phones Helen to say his flight will be on time. Helen can’t wait to see him again and has prepared a special meal for them both.
  • Emma’s nervous about having Sunday lunch with the Grundy’s, in case Ed is there, but fortunately for her, he’s not. Will thinks Ed will just have to face the fact that Emma is back with him now. Emma says that when she was with Ed it was strange – as if she was someone else. But she really does love Will.
  • So much for Helen’s romantic reunion with Greg; he’s morose and difficult. Whatever has happened?

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