It’s Kenton’s big day.

Radio Times: Bubbly beginnings at ‘Jaxx Caff’.

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  • Ed’s in a state; his cow has calved but he can’t get her up and isn’t sure whether the calf has suckled. Oliver reassures him. They’ll sort it out.
  • The champagne is on ice at Jaxx, and Jack is in a state. Emma has rung in sick, so won’t be in the opening photo. Phil and David are busy with the silage, so Jill and Ruth are left to offer family solidarity. Jill’s remembered it’s Meriel’s birthday on Sunday; perhaps Kenton would like to make a phone call to Australia from Glebe Cottage.
  • A nervous Usha is waiting for Deepak to keep their appointment at Jaxx. When he does show up (late) they get on like a house on fire. Ruth and Debbie are intrigued.
  • The Echo photographer has arrived. Jaxx is declared open with speeches from Kenton and Jack and glasses of Buck’s Fizz.
  • Back at Grange Farm, Oliver and Ed manage to get the new mother to her feet. The calf is fine, so they drive them back to the yard. An observant Oliver asks Ed if he’s all right, but Ed is evasive. While Oliver puts the kettle on, Ed leaves a message on Emma’s mobile. It’s all right – she’s made her choice. He accepts that it’s over but Emma must always remember that he loves her. He’ll always love her. Always.

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