Emma reaches a decision.

Radio Times: Tears before bedtime.

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  • Brenda calls at Jaxx because Emma has asked her to come and talk but Emma isn’t there. Kenton shows Brenda his 50’s coffee cups and CD playing-Juke Box. She is less impressed with his Cappucino-making skills, which leave them both covered in milk. When Emma returns, Brenda tells her that Chaba has dumped Kirsty, who is really upset, especially as she’s working at the Bull where she can’t avoid Fallon. But Kirsty and Helen are going out for a girls’ whingeing session tonight. Brenda tells Emma she has got to sort out her love-life. Emma tells her what William told her last night. But making a decision is so hard.
  • Ed and Jazzer have pepped up Eddie’s market stall with some ‘original copies’ CDs. Eddie is not pleased, and tells Ed to pack them into the van. Kenton comes to Ed’s rescue, inviting Eddie to a free cuppa at Jaxx. As soon as he’s out of range, Ed turns up the music, if only to drown out Jazzer’s jibes about his mystery girl-friend.
  • Emma finds William working with the pheasant chicks. She wants to talk. William is convinced she’s come to end it, so is overjoyed when Emma tells him how much she loves him. He’s so strong … she feels safe with him … she can count on him. Yes, they are definitely an item.
  • Now Emma has to talk to Ed, but he isn’t overjoyed at what she has to say. Emma can’t see him again, and won’t listen to Ed’s pleas for her to change her mind because he loves her too. Ed storms off, damaging Eddie’s new shed in the process. Jazzer tells Eddie they were seeing one another but Eddie doesn’t believe him. They were just mates. It’ll all be right as rain tomorrow.

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