Debbie drops a bombshell.

Radio Times: Slick Chick at Home Farm.

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  • Auntie Satya phones a very busy Usha at work. She is to meet Auntie Satya outside the pet shop at 6.30. Auntie has plans for Usha to meet Deepak Bhatt, the son of an old friend. He’s a successful (and eligible) Management Consultant but these plans involve stalking him. Usha is initially embarrassed at Auntie’s methods but Deepak agrees to accompany her to the opening of Jaxx on Friday.
  • Brian is pleased with the way William is managing in Greg’s absence; he’s less happy with Greg’s behaviour. Brian tries to extract information about Caroline’s plans from William, but he’s not giving anything away. Brian’s equally in the dark about Debbie’s movements. Has William seen her?
  • Adam tells Brian about his discussion with Tom. Brian is impressed with the butchery idea, and with Adam’s plans for developing the strawberry venture. Has Adam seen Debbie? Brian draws another blank.
  • At last Debbie reappears. She’s been for a job interview – and the job is a business development manager for a seed company in France. The interview went well, but Adam is sworn to secrecy.
  • William has to talk to Emma. He calls round and pours out his heart. She has always been the one for him; he loves her and can’t bear the way things are at present. He needs to know how she feels. Emma needs time. Unwillingly William agrees, but he has to know. She mustn’t keep him waiting too long.

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