Adam agrees a deal with Tom to use his butcher and cutting room for the Home Farm venison.

Radio Times: Do Mums know best?

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  • Eddie and Joe are moving ornaments to their field but not fast enough for Clarrie: everything must go. Eddie plans some grazing but maybe the field needs some top dressing.
  • Tom and Susan are going over her duties as a sausage-packer and how she will fit in the time-critical collection by the supermarket driver – he won’t wait. Fallon turns up and disguises rather too thinly her surprise that Susan is actually looking forward to the job. Fallon has had another rejection letter from a record producer, so Tom decides that she needs a treat to make up; he will take her somewhere really nice.
  • Clarrie is delighted that the men have kept their word and cleared the garden. Now, how are they getting on with Bartelby’s stable? Joe pretends that there is doubt about planning permission but really he does not want Bartelby to be all on his own.
  • Adam explains to Tom that he will need a part-time butcher for his direct marketing of the venison and he suggests using Stan, Tom’s part-time butcher. Tom has a better idea: he could also use Tom’s cutting room and do them both a favour – provided that Stan and Brian both agree.
  • At The Bull, there is clearly something amiss with Kirsty. Clarrie is more concerned about William and is driven to have a quiet word with Susan, who really thinks they should not interfere. Since Clarrie is so worried she agrees to talk to Emma. If it really is over between her and William, Emma should let him down gently because William will be heart-broken.

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