William has Bank Holiday blues.

Radio Times: Will’s got those Bank Holiday blues.

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  • Clarrie is hard at work in the garden, preparing for the Open gardens Day. Joe is making hanging baskets, but Clarrie draws the line at some of Eddie’s half-naked mermaids.
  • Joe threatens to report Lynda to the Open Gardens committee for employing professional help. While he’s in reporting mode, he’ll mention Phil’s garden centre purchases too.
  • David is enjoying his new Parish Councillor role; he’ll deal with Joe’s complaints about graffiti on Susan’s bench, double parking by residents of the new houses and moles from the Country Park.
  • Clarrie is worried about William. Surely it’s not just Greg’s absence and William’s work-load that’s making him so grumpy. She goes to the Dower House for a motherly word. Is everything all right between you and Emma, she asks. William pours out his heart. He just wants to settle down and marry Emma. He really thought she loved him – but now, it seems, she won’t even talk to him.

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