An upset and confused Emma confesses to Brenda about sleeping with Ed last Friday.

Radio Times: Agony Aunt Brenda.

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  • It’s Bank Holiday at Lower Loxley and Nigel’s Family Cycle Path is due to open next weekend; he hopes Brenda will give it some coverage on Radio Borsetshire, but she’s only supposed to cover the Bank Holiday events.
  • Alice and Spearmint compete in the Novice Jumping class, watched by an anxious Jennifer. Shula returns from Janet’s wedding, with a detailed account of the bride’s outfit, and is just in time to see Alice complete a clear round, to Jenny’s delight. She has heard about the new Vicar from Lynda and wants Shula to provide more details.
  • Nigel shows Pat the resident Lower Loxley swallows. Titcomb is less enthralled, and is showing his feelings by waxing the cars daily. Pat voices her anxieties over Tom’s new enterprise and Greg’s uncharacteristic behaviour.
  • Brenda finally catches up with Emma, just as Elizabeth and Nigel give her a leaving present in recognition of all that she’s done while working at Lower Loxley. Emma bursts into tears, and is taken home by Brenda. Whatever is she going to do? She slept with Ed on Friday; she really fancies him, but she loves Will, too – he makes her feel safe. Brenda can’t tell her what to do; Emma must make up her own mind.

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