Emma and Ed end their evening in the bedroom.

Radio Times: You can hurry a curry.

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  • Emma is in the middle of listening to another message from Will when Ed asks her if she’d like to go for meal that evening. She says that she was supposed to be helping Kenton set up in the café, but she was too tired. However she feels better now and would love to go out with Ed for a curry.
  • David is elected onto the parish council, Graham Ryder failed. At Brookfield, Ruth is interrogating Usha as to how her first date with Sagar went, but it’s turns out not to have been a great success. She felt as though she were being interviewed to be an unpaid, in-house lawyer who’d also do his cooking, cleaning and laundry. He offered her a home and financial security and after she told him she’d already got them, it was a very quiet evening. She’ll just have to keep looking.
  • At the café Kenton has got Kathy to give him a hand. Kenton is pleased that the decorators have done such a good job; it’s bright, 50s style with yellow curtains, and Kenton’s own special touch – tomato shaped sauce bottles. Jack and Peggy come in to congratulate him and admire the neon sign. They have just returned from Borchester College where Peggy has signed up to do some word processing and internet courses.
  • Jack suggests going out for a meal to celebrate and they decide then and there to go to the Bombay Duck across the road. Unfortunately for Emma she and Ed are also in the Bombay Duck and she’s embarrassed; she told Kenton she was too tired to work and here she is having dinner! They get the giggles as they try to make a hasty and secret exit, and Emma is sure that Jack and Peggy spotted them. They wind up back in Emma’s bedroom after eating at the chippy. They had a great evening, although Ed tells Emma that he wanted it to be more romantic. Emma tells him it was fun. No-one is expected at home for a couple of hours, she says. They kiss …

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