The identity of the new vicar is revealed – so he was not put off by Lynda after all.

Radio Times: Alistair’s reasons to be cheerful.

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  • Joe finally catches up with Lynda and accuses her of reporting Eddie and him to the council for erecting the pole barn on their land. Lynda refuses to apologise; after the way the Grundys tried to fleece her over the ‘damage’ that her llamas caused, she has no qualms.
  • David and Adam have gone to Felpersham farmers’ market. Adam is convinced that there’s a market for the venison and tries to persuade David that his beef would also sell well, but David is sceptical; it’s a good idea but manpower is their problem, who could they spare to be on the stall? They discuss their worries about Debbie who is still very unhappy, and seems to be just going through the motions on the farm. When Adam reports back to Brian his response is measured. Before he is willing to commit he wants all the facts, and suggests that Adam talks to Tom, who is employing a part time butcher; there may be an opportunity there. Adam is pleased and suggests that Debbie might become enthusiastic about the idea, but Brian’s not sure. Jennifer is convinced that Debbie has now got ME.
  • Alistair takes Lynda out at the Stables as Shula has gone to the Badminton horse trials. They enjoy their ride and Alistair tells her what a relief it is to have all the building work completed at the Stables. Lynda rides Eric, who proves to be a bit stubborn and when she dismounts, she rather embarrassingly falls into Alistair’s arms.
  • Joe gets his chance to get his own back on Lynda by accusing her of cheating in the open gardens competition, when he sees that she has got a digger in her garden. Lynda defends herself, she and Robert are restructuring after the flood. The least she could have done Joe tells her is to have hired Eddie and his digger.
  • It’s the day of the Parish Elections and David is in The Bull with Adam. They talk about Tim and Janet who are getting married this weekend. Brian arrives and the subject is changed. Brian is put out because Greg has telephoned from France to say that he’s going to be staying on for a few days. Lynda arrives with a complaint for David, she is concerned that pet owners are using their pooper scoopers but then throwing the bag under the nearest bush. David tells her that if elected he’ll sort it out and get more specified bins.
  • Alistair tells everyone that a new vicar has been chosen unanimously. His name is Alan Franks, he’s in his 40’s. Lynda has already met him, it’s the chap she and Robert met looking round the church a few weeks ago.

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