Things between Will and Emma are not getting any better, whilst Ed is still on the Emma trail.

Radio Times: Check-out by the supermarket.

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  • Tony is helping Tom move some of his equipment up at Sawyers Farm. Whilst they wait for Neil and Eddie to arrive to help with some of the heavier stuff, Helen arrives to say that a couple of people from the supermarket are waiting outside to inspect Tom’s premises. Whilst he rushes out to deal with them, Tony persuades Helen to come out with him for a spin in the MG later – after all (as she says) it beats another night in on her own watching TV. Later on when all shifting and inspecting has been done, Helen returns to wait for Tony. She even has some nice things to say to Tom about his enterprise, which has got to be a first.
  • Will is taking a very rushed lunch break, and has called into the Bridge Farm shop in Borchester for some sandwiches for himself and some dark chocolate for Emma. Kirsty is still in touch with Chaba, and is looking forward to visiting him in Hungary in the summer.
  • Following the scuffle between the Grundy boys, it has not stopped contact between Ed and Emma. Ed has called Emma at home, which she is not at all unhappy about – even puts on some of Ed’s favourite music in the background. When Ed asks whether she would like to go out again soon though, she is a bit hesitant. Perhaps that is one step too far for her at the moment?
  • Tom is at the Bull, waiting for his Dad and Helen to return from their open topped drive. Conversation between him and Kirsty is a little awkward, though not as bad as it might be. Tom is in generous mood, even offering to buy Tony and Helen a drink when they arrive. Tony asks Tom to come outside to listen to a slight rattle in the engine. As they go Tom, rather insensitively asks Kirsty to let him know when Fallon comes down. Helen stays back to talk to Kirsty, giving her reassurance about how much Chaba must be missing her, and is delighted to hear of Kirsty’s plans to fly out to see him soon.
  • Will takes the chocolate he bought round to Emma’s. However, things are not so good between them, with Will not seeing an apology to Ed as at all necessary. Things are made worse when Ed sends a text through to Emma’s phone. As Will protests, Emma suddenly gets a headache and effectively kicks him out. Will says he will call, but Emma says no – she’ll call him (maybe?).

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