Debbie is back to work but gives Adam the cold shoulder; a new vicar has been selected but Bert is keeping mum as to who.

Radio Times: Parish Council decision day.

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  • Adam comes across Debbie for the first time since she has been back at work. However the rest does not sem to have improved her disposition, and a rather terse conversation takes place. Debbie shuns any attempt by Adam at normal chit-chat, berates herself for forgetting about the mildew the previous week, and despite Adam trying to be soothing, wonders why she bothers as she clearly cannot do her job properly. Things are no better when they meet up again later at Home Farm, though this time Adam is less patient, telling Debbie that if she is determined to be so miserable he may as well leave her to it.
  • In the Bull, Bert picks up Ed’s mobile and is trying to decypher a text message from Emma, but to no avail. Ed returns and, after telling Bert to leave his phone alone in future, leaves. Jack arrives looking for Peggy, and after enquiring of Bert how the vicar selection is going, invites Bert and Freda to the grand opening of Jaxx Caff next Friday.
  • David and Ruth are debating the plausibility of ‘Crowthers’ a reputable slaughterhouse for the Herefords. Usha calls round and, after David goes out to check the stock, tells Ruth of her arranged meeting with a suitable suitor last Sunday. He seem like a good financial prospect at least, and what is more, Usha is going out to dinner with him next Thursday.
  • In the aftermath of the Parish Council prospective candidate meeting, opinion seems to be that David came out on top of Graham Ryder, certainly according to Jack, Bert, Usha and Ruth anyway. Ed is still searching for Emma but no-one is able to offer him any help. It turns out that earlier in the day the vicar’s job was offered to one of the applicants, but despite a lot of arm twisting, until the candidate (whoever he or she might be) accepts the position, Bert is not saying a word.

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